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Google Analytics (GA) is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. The NSW Government Digital Channels team provide GA360 analytics access to agencies managing content on nsw.gov.au, to allow them to see how their customers are viewing information. This can assist  in monitoring website traffic and making changes to your web page to optimise user experience.

Agencies publishing on nsw.gov.au are responsible for their own content reporting using our Google Analytics platform. Before requesting GA access, staff should check with the agency page owner or portfolio lead about their internal content reporting arrangements. There may already be someone in the agency that can advise or support your reporting request.  

In order to use Google Analytics, you will need a Google account. Read I need to set up a Google account to access Google Analytics for information on accessing Google Analytics.


The OneCX Capability team run Google Analytics 101 training for agencies managing content on nsw.gov.au. To join an upcoming training session, complete the Training request form and select ‘Google Analytics’.

Please note

The NSW Government Digital Channels team is not able to provide access to Google Analytics for other government websites/domains.

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