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This page helps you to understand the steps for publishing your own NSW Government grants.

The new Grants Management System (GMS) is coming online.

If your agency has received instructions to use the GMS to build your grants, contact the team at onegms@regional.nsw.gov.au

If you have not been instructed to use the GMS yet, continue to follow our Help Hub guide below.

The Grant publishing process

  1. Write your grant to address the grant customer journey and the requirements of the Grants Administration Guide.
  2. Get access to the nsw.gov.au website CMS (Content Management System).
  3. When you are given your login information, you will also be sent a Grant Editors Welcome Pack which includes links to training videos and also to our step-by-step editing guide here on the Help Hub.
  4. Draft and edit your grant content in the CMS using the Grant content template.
  5. Send your team a preview link for internal checking before publishing.
  6. Send your newly created or updated grant for review by our Digital Channels content team who may suggest changes to be made.
  7. The content team will then publish your grant to appear on the Grants and funding finder
  8. When the grant is awarded, you can then upload your grant recipients list to the grant.

Access to the Help Hub

To assist you with using the CMS, we will also provided you with access to the Help Hub. The Help Hub is a digital library containing knowledge articles and information about working on the NSW Government website. It is also where you can can log requests for assistance should they require by selecting a form.

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