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The NSW Government Digital Channels team provide GA360 analytics access to agencies managing content on nsw.gov.au. 

Before requesting access, agency staff should check with their OneCX agency or portfolio lead about their internal content reporting arrangements. Agencies are responsible for managing their own content reporting so there may already be someone in your team that can support you

NSW Government Digital Channels will grant GA access to staff that have a clear business need, relevant approval and hold a current NSW Government email address.

Step 1: Create a Google account (Health can skip this step)

You must use your NSW Government email address to create a Google account. This must be associated to an identifiable staff member. Group/generic email addresses will not be approved. 

Please note: If you currently have GA access for your agency, you may already have a Google account set up with your work email address. In this case, you can skip Step 1. However, you still need to complete Step 2 as your agency GA account will not collect data for nsw.gov.au pages without being connected.

To set up your Google account:

  1. Head to Create a Google Account and enter your details (first name and last name) and then click 'Next'

  2. On the next page, select 'Use your existing email'. This will all you to setup your Google account using your government email address. NOTE: Gmail accounts will not be accepted.  

  3. Enter your @nsw.gov.au email address. Next, create a new password for your Google account. NOTE: Your government email must be associated to an identifiable staff member. Group/generic email addresses will not be approved. 

Step 2: Request access to nsw.gov.au Google Analytics

Request access to the nsw.gov.au GA platform. You will do this via the User access request form. Select 'Google Analytics access' from the drop-down.

Note: you need to attach your manager's approval to the form.



Once submitted, a Help Hub support ticket number will be sent to your email. Please allow at least 5 business days for your access to be set up. Once processed, the support ticket will be updated with a link to log in to your Google Analytics account.

This form can also be used for changing and removing access.

Step 3 (Health only): Contact eHealth to request access to Google Services Suite.

In the past we have discovered that staff members with @health.nsw.gov.au have restricted access to google services suite unless the required security group is added to their account. The group is added on request.

Step 4: Log into Google Analytics

To access Google Analytics, you will need to use Google Chrome. Make sure you're logged into your government Google account. 

If you also log into other Google accounts please make sure you have a separate Chrome profile and switch between them so there are no permission errors. We have found that users who try to log into GA whilst using a Chrome profile linked to a personal Gmail will get GA report errors.

To switch between several Google accounts, you will need to create a new profile. Follow  these steps to create a new user profile in Google Chrome.

Step 5: Work through the training materials

Watch the training videos to guide you through each aspect of your Google Analytics account. There are also slide decks for reference.

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