What is the Grants and funding finder?

The Grants and funding finder (the finder) is the search and browsing tool that lists all grants offered across NSW government agencies. Your customers can search this fully accessible front-end tool for grant information.

Key benefits for the customer


Grants are offered in a centralised location, so customers can discover all NSW Government grants and funding opportunities.


All grants are published using a uniform grant template, designed to take customers through the grants journey: from discovering a grant to making the decision to apply for grant.


The information is laid out in a way that builds customers' understanding of the eligibility, assessment and application processes.


Information is produced on an accessible and mobile-friendly interface


Easy-to-use search and filter options that narrow down searches to individual results for which customers may be eligible. These options include:

  • Keywords used in grant titles, grant summaries and in fund labels - these are often terms customers know about from search or email communications.
  • 4 main audience groups which customers can use to browse grants aimed at their audience
  • 21 grant categories which can be used to filter grants across a wide range of activity categories
  • Grant open and close status - can filter grants that have closed, are open or are opening soon
  • Grant amounts show the amount or range of amounts offered in the grant, so that a customer can see if a grant is enough for their needs or if it is too much
  • Location – most NSW government grants are not location-specific, but a few grants are targeted (e.g. regional grants, disaster relief grants) to a region, LGA or even a set of postcodes. Customers can now filter by their own location or postcode to find all grants they can potentially apply for in their location.

Key benefits for your agency

  • Promotion of your agency’s grants and funding programs, with exposure to over 3 million nsw.gov.au visitors per month
  • Access to grant communication templates, based upon customer research, user journey mapping and best practice
  • Multiple opening rounds can be set up at the same time, with each automatically displaying as open/closed/opening soon
  • Simple, automated management of essential probity content, such as grant recipient lists and program evaluations
  • Higher quality grant applications coming through the template
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Grants Administration Guide (more below).

Compliance with the Grants Administration Guide

As per the Premier's Memorandum M2022-07 Grants Administration Guide (the Guide), every grant that is offered by NSW Government agencies since 19 September 2022 must be published in full on the Grants and funding finder. This includes, for most grants, the program objectives, eligibility criteria and the decision maker for the grant opportunity, as well as grant recipients and program evaluation content. 

Our templated solution allows agencies to meet the Guide's requirements.

Get started with adding your own grants

Find out how to access the nsw.gov.au CMS and start adding your own grant content.

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